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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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morning the death of a young man who's been missing for a young man in the central ballot. this is liberals and a graduate from high school back in 2010. this with a visual be held tonight at 7:00. as a very sad ending for the search for a college student at last a week. 20 year-old brett was in a chico here red corn and what we can flow on the sacramento river. he grew up in the east bay but was going to college at cal poly. he was in the cheek area with friends. fishermen found his body and a couple miles downstream from there a couple yesterday. it appears to draw on it and no foul play was involved. the search included
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had enough largest and they faced and pitched and offered a $50,000 reward. when you think of what you think a big guy who makes a silly face and a picture. the person who was always there to put a smile on someone's face. a message was posted yesterday evening from a his parents. they're thinking of volunteers and everyone else who helps the vigil tonight at 7:00 at the high school. the driver accused of heading to the streets of what because it on your address for
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vehicular manslaughter. 53 year- old from was arrested after he got out of a hospital following the that the crash hit witnesses say he was speaking staff and the main street when his pickup truck a jump occurred saturday evening and slanted to two women on the sidewalk and done between the current and the car. and she was on a bloody end of oil. it was a terrible experience. 52 will ship 6% above a was killed at the scene. a pregnant daughter-in-law was critically injured. a moral service suffers in back of the over the highway patrol officer gunned down last week. kenny young shawm and died last wednesday a day after he was shot during a traffic study on interstate 680. most of it is part killed the shooter. the moral high and said he had caught at the mission church in
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vacaville. this 60 complex fired near highway 16 is no and 5 percent contained. it's not burned about 18,000 a.. firefighters were able to control widespread at several different doesn't a good fighter is 15 percent contained hundreds of people are pretty pathetic to evacuate. ahead of us out with is not keeping people away from use of a national glut. to restore but he campsite's this weekend. 91: village facilities were shut down after demise were found infesting the double walls of the structures. a people have been infected and three have died. the rent supplement the night and if you're going to the
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game robber as the news because the supposed to be sprees' we got there. 62 1/715 ahead you concede the ceiling is luring slowly because you cannot see the top of that building there. air temperature stands at 54 degrees so you need at jackets and another door. , could add 55 degrees. had to dig a bit of a forecast could hit and not to be a little more than yesterday's buying about 1 to 5 degrees. the couple degrees below average for this time of year. , credit 8040 ha. we have
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highs topping off in the mid- 90s. this back to look for a lot folks on this monday morning. so far the big issues. less than 92 as you get closer to hide drugs and one leg is black. as you could see as the acid pay good said the are no delays. the maturing ride snowboard issues but now. heading to san francisco weepy good backups. is a whip closed so the fact had on northbound to 80. russia seeing a little bit of slowing coming up north and to 80 if you're heading into separate cisco. caltrans hopes to pick up here any minute. accordance is upset in
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orange county this morning. she faces drug and child endangerment charges. protest last month in the city of orange. unless the city found methamphetamines and i have spoken of another in the room that she was sharing with an annual sun. the move scuttles shows president obama's with his largest since early july in his reelection bid. the 70 rolling average showing the president has a 49 to 40% over mitt romney. the public policy: survey shows that the president has expanded his lead in ohio to five percentage points. campaigning in florida sunday can't president obama stops at the gap he said in corpus and ended up getting more
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than justified. he is a cut in key battleground state. he's president obama spent the past two days to try to drive home his point that mitt romney economic plan is short on details that will hurt the middle class. the call and answer questions about how they pay for five trillion dollars in tax cuts and two trillion dollars in new defense spending. romney most of which group also close for this tax cut. contract with the democrats are saying i'm not going to increase the tax wouldn't on incoming families. an addition to the race for voters as the race for cash. the campaigns move full speed ahead in august. the present is $140 million last month had for the first time in three months and the
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president out will is the romney campaign. the romney campaign now has one of the $60 million in the bank. with the conventions behind this the are no more limitations on how much romney can spend. from the launch 15 new ads targeted to swing state voters. president obama's expected to make one more bit and a fund- raising trip before the general election in november. no specific loan application has been released so far paid a visit is planned for october 8th. so far he has raised more than food million dollars what here in the golden state. send plumas the part is now on to a new memorial park dedicated to those killed in a pg&e pipeline explosion. hot the disaster destroyed 32 homes in the crust more area. the state
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assemblyman says that there are many spots around piccinni's gas pipeline system that have conditions similar to those that triggered the explosion. the thousands of miles of pipe that need to be inspected and this is just a single to transmission lines. as a plastic pipe that's out there that cause the explosion in cupertino last year to it couldn't permit granted but it did happen and i think hope things go right or is it doesn't happen again. eight new homes have been held to replace those that were destroyed bridges of photos are still uncertain about the shirt. the kids ages two and three were rescued on friday night was taken into custody this after he the kids on a three odyssey honest and not from our limited to the waters of monterey. he's now being held on $200,000 del.
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the time now as five or nine pitches on strike by the nation's the largest cheating and is walking the picket line today. in the nevada gas that makes a surprise appearance in a newsroom.,,,,,,,,
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the cat didn't in this the best the newsroom. and that included the studio. the arrow of rain of terror is when the animal swoop down from the ceiling. imagine if you're having what you on the air. we're doing pretty well this morning. the start of the cemetery a bridge is being cleaned up right now. he
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conceived and direction of 92 is more moving just fine. they were working to reopen this ramp horsas sing some slowing on northbound to 80. scheduled to reopen on 5:00 this morning. that looks like it's not real clear yet it will be sent. approaching toss a hard this is pretty close to the dublin enter change appeared in the study little more crowded now as we get past 5:00. the morning commuters are and get under way. always bad lands of highway for shutdown. west on highway 4 traffic still looks good. no
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major road work and no major breaks if adding 3/7 a. according to caltrans new limits are blocked. the drive time is still in the green. sat down a. none of the list for mass transit. or fichu have sun up 645. if you're heading out the door this morning brought a light jacket.
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the current air temperature is in the mid-40s. otherwise, cover and 53 degrees along the beach as your base side mid '50s. hot hitter today you can bank on he will begin in comparison to yesterday. los 70's and across the bay and partial close to coastal clearing. high pressure begins to build into the bay area he been as high risk slightly leveraged at higher than average. so far no airport delays. high 69 degrees as assets fell. and rather warm in denver at 93 and no airport delays at midway or here in
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chicago with a high and 73 privy york 73 degrees. hockey tons '60s at that meeting to see short. we jump into low 80s as we move further south. we go east of the they were talking about 89 degrees from brentwood tracy oakley and discovery bay. no. the numbers anywhere from 63 degrees to 85 degrees in santa rosa. mid sixties will be common in san francisco. we do bring down the temperature a couple of notches on tuesday as a trough increases through the area but, instead. even pop into the mid-
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90s as mr. towards the weekend. schools in chicago are open to the teachers are not there. and more than 26,000 chicago teachers are staging their first strike in 25 years. talks between the union and the school district broke down last night in the months of intense negotiations. the union wants a 19 percent raise. 400,000 students are not in cosseted. a motorcycle police officer what has died after he was hit but please pick up after he was working on a motorcade of the president. he was struck yesterday in west palm beach while helping shut down part of interstate 95 for the motorcade. no charges have been filed against it and driver. the federal government could
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make money sharing its own shares aig. the government sell another 18 shares aig. at one point the government controlled 92% of that and talk insurance giant. advertisers are paying big bucks during the super bowl. the cause man event are already 90 percent sold out and at a record price. a 32nd spot hottest selling for as much as $3.8 million. hopper * and the watson is reported to be the preferred stock of cyber criminals. the 22 appellate potter start is the most dangerous celebrity to
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search on line. went searching for watch and there is a one in eight chance of landing on the militias site. the firm and others tried to win in green bay for the first time in more than two decades. begins battle that fashion models. this arena have enough gas to last,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, shouldn't who
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the rest of your bridges that are no major problems appeared sue williams got her composure and her strokes at the u.s. open final sprint she defended the top links person. the score was 626575 jordan. the
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match was the first reset u.s. open women's final since 1995. no one is hard at the top of the by congress after a sweep in seattle. tom lehman and drove up two runs. he had 10 seconds in six innings. (isn't the final of fortitude appeared. the giants scored with the to run double your recent rich with the seventh victory. the answer that the little effort to nothing. thminister of the burden of at d
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green mr. masse with a touchdown they're a bit out smith completed 28 of 26 passes. the forty-niners and and there's been too didn't have on the record books with an envelope appeared in 63 ryard field goal. 63 yd field goal. he's tied for the record of the longest field goal in nfl history. trick and the hamburg is for
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homicide. a healthy change coming to lunch menus and one big area school district rich of the president's big squeeze appeared at pizza party. the search for missing college student from the be split is not over. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pittsburgh just picked up on these barren and lines of hard for. and it is monday september the 10th item. a student in the east bay has been found dead a week after he went missing. but also grew up in lafayette and attended high school. he graduated a couple years ago. he went missing over labor day weekend what he was going on the river flowed with some friends in chico. his body was found yesterday in the sacramento river not far from where he was last seen. the 20 ruled went to cal poly but he was in the cheek area taking part in the annual labor day river flow. he was last seen sunday september 2nd when he
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gets separated from his friends. olson's friends and parents and even strangers more licensed insurer in and out fliers and creating a face but vigilant. olson's parents even met with more than zero hundred volunteers yesterday to look for their son. a couple of fishermen felt olson's body and are no signs of foul play. he appears to drop. the outpouring we have seen in the city of chico and people come from the whole life ahead of midland areas outside of that. they've come here to help search for blood. net 9000 people joined the page. there was a message posted from his parents which think volunteers. " he fills with hope and love this week which will
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kick with us for the rest of large " a sad ending for the search that ended badly. the a lot of people upset to hear about the news. a lot of people also be celebrating his life at high- school tomorrow. an immigrant men accused of hitting to pedestrians is under arrest for the key to the manslaughter. 53 year-old was arrested after he was arrested giving of a hospital following a deadly crash. witnesses say he was speeding south about a mystery when his pickup truck jumped a curb on saturday night and planned to do to women. what i saw she was a link gun in between the curve and the car. she was covered in blood and oil pit it was a terrible
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experience. from seven robber it was killed the scene. a pregnant daughter-in-law was critically injured. in the street to what caused the death of a restaurant he died seven after he ran to a wall along interstate 280. the cause the crash remains under investigation. it is possible it was a medical problem. he was the owner of the donkey goes to the mexican bistro which has been in his family since 1975. an of an account supervisor is due to appear and orange county courtroom today. she did this drug and child endangerment charges after her arrest last month and thus the acidify methamphetamine and smoking paraphernalia in the room she shared with her nine . she is the estranged wife to the treasure. the goal is to make kids and
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their families, with a meek of the meals. to " pleasanton students will be able to change at the minimills are other options like hamas or great. it has become an internationl movement produce designed to teach students the benefits of eating more meat free meals. the car to corral to get used to it but the benefits are worth it. we have some additional information on meatless monday's record to the humane society raises awareness about the animal welfare and the impact of meat production. if every american spirit one chicken below the car and the
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assistance would be the same as taking half a million cars off of u.s. roads. one of five people take part in the last monday's. pleasanton is in the first bit their school district to take part in this program. with an asking you to think it's a good idea for schools to admit as much this? teachers and the nation's third largest school district have gone out on strike. chicago's first teacher walkout in 25 years. the union says the two sides are not far apart on compensation on other issues including health benefits. in his city are trying to ensure that 400 dozen students are kept safe and during the strike.
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i was in, this weekend and wrote 100 mi. to his castle to raise money for best buddies. thank you to everyone in the bay area who contributed and was there as well. to put him in the bay area we will be even more the more we will seek this weekend. we do have this feeling out there at 900 ft.. overcast conditions and in a separate system. caucasus at 55 and with clear skies. hamilton and a low
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80s. into rocks or aptitude degrees. about five degrees warmer today east of the baby appeared. san francisco police on here. our mid and then the low 80s. we have been his crew on the senate is of some breaking news of falling in for a lot. some streets blocked off because of police activity. this is a residential lead ahead any concern about the legality of that debt. this is just a few blocks east of a 80. we have a
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news crews that the drug to figure out what is going on. just the knowledge that the stone on the west an attitude that was causing some slight delays is now clear. a lot of but one that will work is being picked up as we speak. we're already open on northbound to 80. a giant modify it includes a county is that 85 percent contained. six and complex fire near highway 16 is not burned about 18,000 a.. top fighter says mr. de firefighters were able to improve control lines on highway 16 is not open. as a memorial plaque in san bruno city park dedicated to those killed in the pg&e
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pipeline explosion. that was the killed yesterday to use the day after the disaster that destroyed 38 homes in the city's quest morgan ahead. there are many spots are run piccinni's gas line system that have conditions similar to those that triggered the explosion. there are dozens of miles of pipe that need to be inspected. this is just a small transmission month. as a plastic pipe that's out there that cause the explosion in cupertino in rose hill last year. i hope things go right away so doesn't happen again. since the disaster a new home said been built to replace those destroyed. a memorial service happens is thursday and that the bill for the chp officer who shot and killed last week. a hit after he shot. moments little it is a partner killed the shooter.
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moral service for young strum happens at 10:00 on thursday morning. a motorcycle + server-4 after he was hit by a pickup. we absurd was a 20 a veteran of the to the produced the top men. he was struck yesterday not on a west palm beach shut down the interstate for the president's motorcade. no charges have been filed against the pickup driver. after a week of campaigning the president's back as the white house prepared what each can be criticized the other party on the issue of taxes. country to the democrats are saying i'm not going to increase the tax burden on middle income families. it would be wrong to do that could the to an answer questions about how they would pay for five trillion dollars of new tax cuts and to a trillion dollars in new defense spending. without
5:41 am
raising spending on the middle class proposal it's the first time in three months that they beat romney and republicans who raised hundred $11 million in august. president obama to get a foot of peaceable ahead and spend some time talking to the owner and his picture is. the honor to givhosk as long as he did not take the president away from him. the president of the little concerned there for a second print so much for that post wouldn't break at the pumps. big spike in gas prices proof said tensions are piling up fast. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> an old medical building in fort worth texas coming down in just a matter of seconds over the weekend. a handful of residents turned out to watch the explosion and
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now crews will haul off all the debris and the land will be used for a new facility for a children's hospital. it never gets old watching that. at a small community near the oakland hills is fighting to keep its postmaster >> the 53 year-old woman is set to be the sole of kenya, the person who died emergency personnel to the right address and knows everything going on in town but in a cost-cutting effort the postal service says it is eliminating her job and scaling back the hours the post office will be open. now, residents are campaigning to try to save her job by bringing in more customers. stock futures are on the downside this morning >> wall street is looking for some help from the fed's and actually joins us >> overseas stocks were flat ahead of expected stimulus from
5:46 am
the federal reserve. tokyo's nikkei index shed a fraction as well as hong kong's hang seng. as lower-than-expected jobs report might actually be welcomed by investors who are hoping that the continued weak job growth could spur the fed to take action. the dow closed at its highest level in nearly five years while nasdaq stayed flat. wall street is expecting big things from this week's federal reserve meeting. most agree that bankers will unveil another program to try to keep interest rates low. critics question how a bond buying program will get more americans working again. the unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.1 percent but only because more people stop looking for work and were no longer counted as unemployed by the government. some advertisers are paying big bucks to get their message out during the super bowl.
5:47 am
cbs says advertising spots for the main event are already 90 percent sold out and at record prices. its 32nd spot is selling for up much as $3.8 million. apparently, they did not get the message about the struggling economy because they're willing to spend for that advertising >> it is on cbs, so we are ok with that. if you are into google emma watson, you had better be careful >> you might want want to do an online search for emma watson, according to a computer security firm, the actress is favored bait for cyber criminals. web surfers have a one out of a chance of landing on of malicious site. also, halle berry, jessica biel, and so linda gomez. i searched for myself but nothing came up that was very exciting.
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>> roberta is with us on this delightful monday after a big weekend. >> i had been participating in the best buddies 100 mi. bicycle ride from carmel to hearst castle and we have never seen weather conditions like this before. it was sunny all the way through the 100 mi.. at times it felt downright warm up. in the bay area where kick starting your back to work and back-to-school forecast with clouds at the coast and in the bay. temperatures in the '50s except for 47 degrees in santa rosa. later today at the coast, 66 degrees. los '70s bayside.
5:49 am
flirting with 90 degrees while inland is a little bit warmer today than yesterday. we will have a trough come through on tuesday knocking back a temperatures just a few degrees but until then, partial clearing in the skies. low to mid 90's will be common across the central valley. 67 degrees with sunshine in monterey bay. your bay area forecast with partial clearing at the beaches into the '60s. seventies and low eighties around the peninsula. east bay numbers are stacking up all the way into the high 80s and 78 degrees around american canyon. no. they numbers from 62 at stinson beach to 72 degrees. >> we continue to follow
5:50 am
breaking news out of fremont. police are on the scene blocking streets in this residential neighborhood. the congo park drive at dawn way, a residential area. a lot of emergency crews are on scene. the intersection is just a few blocks east of 880 so we will let you know as soon as we find out more about what is going on there. allen brooks is behind the wheel traveling southbound on 880 through oakland. they did pick up roadwork overnight near the high street exit. coming down the shore freeway, the drive time is still about 18 minutes. definitely starting to get busy as you make your way into berkeley. all green on our censors all the way through richmond and down into the mcarthur maze. eastbound lanes of highway four
5:51 am
are completely reopened but we are starting to see a lot of slowing down already in the commute direction. elsewhere, a quick check of the south bay, looking good with no major issues. 101 is still in the clear coming into san jose. this is closer towards the oakland coliseum and the road work has been picked up. southbound 880 is free and clear. mass-transit is off to a great start on this monday. that is a check of the time saver traffic, back to >> san francisco's immune system is handing out tickets for $100 as the crackdown on fair innovators. so far meany says it has caught 37,000 people trying to get a
5:52 am
free ride. they say they come from all walks of life. the muni transit system hopes to have 45 new buses on the roads about one year from now. the chronicle says the diesel hybrid buses will cost about $37 million total. a prototype could be in use as soon as this winter >> there were predictions that by the labor day of the price of gas would go down but that is not happening. it is now at $3.83 per gallon nationally. as usual we pay a little bit more for gas in california. if you live in san francisco, it is even higher at $4.25 per gallon. >> how smoking pot as a teenager could double your risk for certain types of cancer >> where you will be able
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>> today will pan out to be warmer than yesterday but look at the 7 day forecast. we have temperatures in the mid nineties by the weekend. >> look at this live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, middle lanes are still getting by ok but we're starting to get busy in the outer lanes. a full look at your morning drive coming up >> a new study shows that marijuana use may raise the risk of testicular cancer. researchers at the university of southern california found that men who use the drug on a regular basis or twice as likely to develop an aggressive form of the disease. they also found aggressive use of cocaine lowered the risk. testicular cancer is the most
5:56 am
common cancer in men under 45 >> lady gaga address made out of me is on display. she wore the dress at the 2010 mtv music awards. since then it has been treated with chemicals, slowly dried, and now people get to look at it at the national museum of women in the arts. she said she wore the dress to say that if you don't stand up for what you believe in your reduced to a piece of meat. >> despite the prices, long time forty-niner fans are staying with the team when they moved to santa clara. >> more than half of the first wave of season tickets have been sold near great america. $670 million worth to be exact. 70 percent of that comes from current season ticket holders and this comes as a bit of a surprise as many middle-class fans were thought to be priced out.
5:57 am
tonight is the opening night for the oakland raiders and the team is encouraging fans to arrive early for the game against the chargers because the nfl is now requiring airport metal detection at all the stadiums this season and that can take a lot longer to get through security. kickoff is set for 715 tonight but tune in right here on cbs five as we will be carrying the opener tonight. >> not to mention if the fans get there early they're treated to pregame performance by an ice cube. 557 right now, 400,000 students kept out of the classroom. the impact from a massive teacher strike in chicago. >> the menu changes coming to one bay area school district. >> the search for missing college student who grew up in lafayette is over. friends are making plans to,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine.


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